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Puppet install less compiler from wheezy backports

Recently I was building my Symfony development box with Vagrant and faced problem how to install less compiler. After some searches I decided that best(?) way to install lessc is from Debian backports. Now I had another problem, how to … Continue reading

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Symfony2 Vagrant setup

Recently I searched for good Symfony2 Vagrant setup and came up that Andreas Hucks work is most suitable for my needs. It has everything what I needed NFS setup, preinstalled phpMyAdmin, Xdebug and etc. However I installed newest Vagrant version … Continue reading

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Flush memcached cached data

Just quick tip for me and for my readers how to flush cached data in memcached. Just call ‘flush_all’ command for running memcached service: There are more available commands like ‘get’, ‘set’ or ‘stats’ for memcached. All these commands can … Continue reading

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My virtual development environment

After reading Juozas Kaziukėnas blog post about “Virtual Machines for Web Development, I decided to create one for my development environment. As Juozas suggested I would use VirtualBox on Ubuntu 11.04 host, and would install Ubuntu 11.04 server as guest … Continue reading

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