Symfony2 Vagrant setup

Recently I searched for good Symfony2 Vagrant setup and came up that Andreas Hucks work is most suitable for my needs. It has everything what I needed NFS setup, preinstalled phpMyAdmin, Xdebug and etc.
However I installed newest Vagrant version (1.0.3) and then I tried to vagrant up my project I got this error:

NFS shared folders requires that host only networking is enabled
with a static IP. Please enable host only network and assign a
static IP via ``.

After some experiments with configuration I managed to solve issue by changing Vagrantfile line to this code: :hostonly, ""

After this fix VM started with no more issues.

I forked Andreas Hucks repository and added my configuration changes.

Here is repository link:

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  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

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