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[Note] How to fix php simple xml CDATA problem

Note for me how to fix simplexml_load_string or simplexml_load_file functions problem, when there is text in CDATA and its is skipped by parser. Fix can be found on Tech Thought blog article “How-To: Fix SimpleXML CDATA problem in php“

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[Note] Generate NetBeans 7 getters and setters

To generate setters and getters in code just place your cursor after class parameter and hit Alt + Insert on keyboard and Generate dropdown with options will apear. Select Getter and setter.. and its done. It is strange that this … Continue reading

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[Note] Resize images with mogrify on Linux

I find my blog best place to store notes. Today’s my quick note is how to resize images with mogrify (this tool comes together with imagic) on Linux. mogrify -resize 300×200 myfile.jpg To batch resize in current directory just add … Continue reading

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