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PHP development environment with Docker

It was some time I wrote something in my blog. Since last my post I was wondering in various courses to learning about new web development technologies. Lastly I met Docker and it is awesome at least I image it … Continue reading

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[Note] Resize images with mogrify on Linux

I find my blog best place to store notes. Today’s my quick note is how to resize images with mogrify (this tool comes together with imagic) on Linux. mogrify -resize 300×200 myfile.jpg To batch resize in current directory just add … Continue reading

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My virtual development environment

After reading Juozas Kaziukėnas blog post about “Virtual Machines for Web Development, I decided to create one for my development environment. As Juozas suggested I would use VirtualBox on Ubuntu 11.04 host, and would install Ubuntu 11.04 server as guest … Continue reading

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