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PHP development environment with Docker

It was some time I wrote something in my blog. Since last my post I was wondering in various courses to learning about new web development technologies. Lastly I met Docker and it is awesome at least I image it … Continue reading

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[Note] How to fix php simple xml CDATA problem

Note for me how to fix simplexml_load_string or simplexml_load_file functions problem, when there is text in CDATA and its is skipped by parser. Fix can be found on Tech Thought blog article “How-To: Fix SimpleXML CDATA problem in php“

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Faster class loading in Zend Framework application

Update You can use Zend Framework 2 autoloader in Zend Framework 1 projects (via Anton, see comment #3) It is not a secret that Zend Framework class loading is very slow and cost many resources. Recently I read about Zend … Continue reading

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Links as buttons in Zend Framework form

In my current project I have to use link tags instead input elements for my form buttons. To do this I needed to create new form element, new helper and add helper path to my bootstrap file. First I created … Continue reading

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PHP script execution time

I know there are many tutorials how to do this in PHP, but reason why I am writing this mini tutorial is one trick witch should help you a lot.  By the way, do you know that execution time is … Continue reading

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